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What`s beeing said about 144

The pilot event of 144 was a true success. The team spirit and fair play within each team and with the other teams made this tournament very unique and fun! Bad Griesbach was the perfect host for this event, featuring 6 amazing golf courses. We were very pleased to host the first 144 event and are even more excited for the second run of 144.


Christine Schelch

( EU Sales manager for “Quellness und Golfresort Bad Griesbach” )

We, the Bavarian Bunker Boys, would like to thank the 144-Team for their kind welcome, fantastic organisation, and turning 144 into a one of a kind golf event! It was four days of pure fun. We are still reliving the excitement of it and cannot wait for 2017!


Tobias Weinbacher

( Member from the “Bavarian Bunker Boys” )

We really enjoyed the tournament and are definitely going to be there next year! I’ve already started promoting the tournament to others and to be on the safe side have reserved rooms for two flights! Also, we would like to thank the whole 144-team again for their great work!


Daniela Osenberg

( Team captain from the „Die wilden Neunzehn“ )

The project 144 is of great importance to me, as it combines both the support for our youth and the fascinating sport of golf, which I myself enjoy very much. We’ll see each other in August 2017 in Bad Griesbach!

144_karl-heinz_riedle_copyright_pio_mars (73 von 81)

Karl-Heinz Riedle

( Brand Ambassador von 144 )

I believe that the 144 project has created a new form of amateur golf. The very fact that we are playing for the youth makes it that much more special. With Hartl Resort Bad Griesbach, we have found the perfect partner in terms of accommodation, golf courses and infrastructure.

Hans-Jörg Wilfer

Hans-Jörg Wilfer

( Project Leader Marketing & IT von 144 )

Pictures from the second "144 - a question of honour" tournament!